Michael Gibson is a maker of poems, tunes and songs and a performer of poetry from the present day back to its written beginnings in Anglo-Saxon times. He calls himself a 'poetry missionary', and he performs around the country at Arts and Literature Festivals such as Buxton, Swindon, Horsham and Hexham Abbey; in schools and at colleges and universities; and he has performed at the International Medieval Congress. Michael is also available for hire as an after-dinner speaker.

For his presentation of 'the heritage and traditions, movement and rhythm of English poetry over 1,000 years' the show is usually called 'Tongue, Tone, Tune & Tme', (but it may also be called 'Beowulf's Boxer Shorts' or 'Caedmon Sings'. When presenting his own verses and tunes on a pipe, Michael calls the show 'Chewing On A Straw'.

Michael Gibson is also an organic gardener and garden designer and maker, trading as Garden-Craft. He was a small-holder who for 15 years lived a self-sufficient life keeping fowl, goats, sheep, horses and bees. He lived without electricity and his home for some years was a wooden caravan.

"Organic gardener, self-sufficiency expert, poet and musician, Michael Gibson is the kind of man who makes urbanites wonder if life is passing them by."
SD, Brighton Festival Fringe Review

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