Michael George Gibson presents his own work – both tunes and poems – about, as he says, 'God' (whatever that may be), 'God's Creatures', and 'He and She and Such'. He is a 'songster' and he cannot stop whistling.

In his own poetic practice he is a traditionalist who rhymes and measures.

He is a countryman by breeding, a 'landsman', and a sometime small farmer.

Much of the stuff he performs was written during those fifteen years of living a largely self-sufficient simple life, a time when he lived even without electricity. For five years his home was a wooden 'Showman's' caravan built circa 1917. Michael's 'Chewing on a Straw' show reflects this love of the land and the 'song'.

Review for 'Chewing On A Straw'

"At the start of the concert Mr Gibson told the audience that poetry may be bad for one's mental health. If so, the music must have restored the equilibrium since I found myself enjoying the mixture from start to finish. Altogether the evening was a most pleasant and civilised experience. The next in the series should not be missed."

Martin Maltby, Knutsford Guardian, 17th July 2002

Michael's poetry and music is different; it is beguiling, and it is true.

He and his poetry bag are for hire, bookings are currently being taken for the coming year.

Michael George Gibson, 22 Middle Walk, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8EW.
Tel: 01565 632819


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