Tongue, Tone, Tune & Time may also be called:
Tongue, Tone, Tune & Time may also be called:
Michael Gibson performs English Poetry from the present day back to the earliest stuff ever written – more than 1,000 years ago. He moves from rap and limericks, through sonnets, stories and medieval ale songs to the Old English riddles that pleased Alfred the Great, and so to 'Caedmon's Song', set down by Bede in the 8th Century. Michael recites the verses in their original tones and dialects to bring out what he calls their 'songlikeness and dancingness'. Michael plays tunes on a whistle as he goes.
And, in respect of the oldest stuff, Michael makes a considerable boast. He holds that he has a simple answer to a vexed question concerning the earliest English verse: he claims to know and show what is 'the rhythm of "Beowulf"' over which the scholars have argued interminably.

Review for 'Tongue, Tone, Tune & Time'

"Interesting and entertaining – Michael Gibson's knowledge and performance skills combine to open up the long-gone world where lies our beginning. From before the Conquest we hear the lilt and cadences of our language as it was spoken. We hear its echoes as Michael weaves his enchanting, often humourous, and always gently informing path through the landscape of English poetry across the ages, not least in his own work which he performs with equal skill. A stimulating and most enjoyable evening – highly recommended!"

Liz Rushton, Marple Arts Group

Michael's poetry and music is different; it is beguiling, and it is true.

He and his poetry bag are for hire, bookings are currently being taken for the coming year.

Michael George Gibson, 22 Middle Walk, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8EW.
Tel: 01565 632819

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